Verizon Supplier Recognition Award


What we do -

PartnerCommunity, Inc. (PCI) enables leading service providers to integrate their systems and processes with those of their enterprise customers, which is called customer eBonding. It automates trouble reporting, product and service ordering, inventory and change management, event and alarm notification, and many other processes between service providers and their enterprise customers...more

Whom we serve -

We focus on addressing business-to-business (B2B) integration requirements of service providers who need to integrate with a large number of customers and partners. While many of the Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies are using our solution, most people have not heard about us because our solution is often deployed under service providers' brand...more

Who we are -

PartnerCommunity, Inc. (PCI) has been a pioneer and leader in providing customer eBonding solution to telecom service providers and their enterprise customers since 2002. Our team has deep expertise in both service provider operations and sophisticated integration technologies...more

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